Bed Bug Dog

bed bug dog

Meet Jace!
Jace is our certified detection dog that is trained to sniff out bed bugs! Jace works diligently to find any bed bugs that are hiding in your home.

Dogs have a more improved sense of smell than humans, which makes it easier for them to find the crevices where bed bugs like to hide. Bed bugs are often so small that it is hard to see them with the naked eye but Jace has no problem sniffing them out!

If you think you may have bed bugs or you just want to be certain, give us a call today! We will set up an appointment with you that is most convenient for your schedule and we'll bring Jace by for an inspection.

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Our Bed Bug Detection Dog at Work

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The Crew

The Crew with Heaters and Jace

On the Subject of Us

On the Subject of Us

Let Cowboy Pest Management rid your building of Bed Bugs.

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