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Paranoid About Bed Bugs?

Bed-bug paranoia is a real fear, whether you have bed bugs or not. Bed bugs seem to be making a comeback in homes and businesses throughout the country, and unfortunately once these pests invade your space, getting rid of them can be a time-consuming process. The good news is that our team at Cowboy Pest Management can solve your problems with a swift sniff and wag of the tail!

Canine Inspection

We offer the latest method of inspection for residential and commercial clients: canine bed bug inspection. Do you want amazing, quick and accurate results? Let our canine inspection team sniff out the problem for you! Bed bugs easily hide in small crevices and are sometimes hidden from human sight but they are no match for our certified detection dog. Once beg bugs have been found, our pest control professionals can proceed with our effective heat treatment process to eliminate bed bugs once and for all!

At Cowboy Pest Management, knowledge starts with our furry friend. If other methods of bed bug removal have failed, turn to us to solve the problem once and for all.
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